Faisal Mutaru Bapure writes: Akufo Addo Must Lay Low on Guinea

How can you withdraw a sovereign country from ECOWAS and still think you have authority over that same country. It is quite disconcerting how African leaders particularly from the subregion decree in a rush without applying wisdom. You look at the European Union, the United States, and all the superpower leagues. They always allow member states countries of their leagues to handle their issues till there is an absolute failure and a need for third party assistance before they intervene.

And it does not appear the president of Ghana and, chairman of ECOWAS. H.E Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo will learn from other continents with better ways of how to deal with diplomatic campaigns.

It should be known that when you withdraw anybody, persons or group from an organisation or association you have automatically forfeited your right of authority over that sovereign country as ECOWAS member states. It is clear Akufo Addo is mounting pressure on Guinea for personal interest.

Is not in doubt that the push-hard on Guinea’s coup leader, Colonel Mamady Doumbouya is a signal sending to Ghana to protect himself from likewise coup. Ghana will not rage a coup against Akufo Addo, at least not from the opposition parties.  If anything ugly as a coup will ever happen to Akufo Addo, it will come from his hoodlums who parades machine guns like pens everywhere. Especially having smuggled many of them into the military.

Ghana president must lay low by allowing the Guineans to take care of themselves, at least for some grace period for the benefit of the doubt. Trying to dictate to Colonel Mamady Doumbouya will worsen the situation. Especially at this level where the former president of Guinea H.E Alpha Conde is still in the custody of the Military Junta. The diplomacy must be very smooth to avoid him being killed.

For a group of special forces to make a coup d’etat against their leader who they were once loyal to, should inform how necessary, prepared and connected this Junta is. Ghana must play a neutral role in this whole Guinea problem to avoid becoming responsible for an escalation of the problem. Already Guinea is blaming Akufo Addo for not condemning the coup done on their constitution by the just removed president H.E Alpha Conde.

I believe that releasing the overthrown president too early may ignite a civil war since he has a predisposition to charge his followers to rise against the military junta for recapturing of power. Keeping him in custody till all tempers are down is the best. It will even save him from his enemies who couldn’t fight him when he has power.

First of all, there was no need for the immediate suspension of Guinea just two days after the day of the coup. To have a good and absolute impact on Guinea, ECOWAS should have allowed some grace period while the diplomatic campaign is ongoing with the coup leaders and their allies. That way the military junta will respect ECOWAS as they feel still connected with the association.

It must be taken into account that, democratic system of governance is NOT obligatory on any sovereign nation. It is a fundamental choice of the people of the particular sovereignty to make. The people of Guinea are very comfortable with the current situation in their country. And their choice must be respected accordingly.

A Guinean Afrobarometer head, Mr Aliou Barry, who’s reports of research two weeks before the coup. Predicted about a possible coup even before it happened, granted an interview to Ghana’s 3news FM. Which he described the suspension, bans and ultimatum by ECOWAS as “a labour union” kind of ordering.

He added that the Guineans want the military junta to take adequate time to lead the country into a smooth transition from military to democratic governance. As they are still retrieving a lot that was stolen from the country. He said the six-monthly ultimatum given by the leadership of ECOWAS is completely unrealistic and inadequate.

Ghana must be careful not to attract any malevolence from an unknown source. Our safety as a country must be paramount.

By Faisal Mutaru Bapure 


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